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From sea to shining sea the United States of America provides the ideal destination for a study abroad experience. From large urban cities to sprawling suburbs to quaint rural towns, the variety and diversity of peoples, habits, dialects and beliefs across the US is astounding. The northeast corridor running from Richmond, Virginia north to Boston, Massachusetts is known for its sophisticated, highly educated population, and Midwesterners are known for their hospitality and easy paced lifestyle. The rugged terrain of the US mountain states continues to attract strong-willed individuals and the environmentally concerned while the majestic west coast inspires entrepreneurs and movie stars alike.

American families send their sons and daughters to university to grow-up, establish independence and self-reliance and prepare for a job as well as master their academic discipline. These broad expectations have helped to create US universities and colleges that are highly structured communities both academically and socially. A significant number of students live on-campus in university residence halls with all their meals provided, 24/7 access to the internet is standard, libraries rarely close, and the recreation centers typically boast an indoor pool, climbing wall, and Yoga/Pilates classes. SAF works with a variety of prestigious public and private US universities.

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Last Updated: 3/13/16