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United Kingdom

Students who choose the United Kingdom (England or Scotland) as their study abroad destination choose outstanding academics alongside a historic and dynamic culture. England is nothing if not a country of contrasts; this nation of nearly 50 million people is one of the most diverse in the world. Its urban scenes give way to beautiful landscapes and the architecture of medieval times blends seamlessly with modern buildings. Scotland offers an impressive mixture of fertile farmland, rugged cliffs, mountains, and lochs yet it also has its share of sophisticated cities and friendly towns. The people of Scotland are known for their friendliness and their desire to share their lively music and world-renowned whiskey.

England offers incomparable choices for a year or semester abroad. For students looking for a big city experience, diverse and gigantic London is home to numerous world-renowned universities. Outside of London, students can immerse themselves in the culture of England while living in smaller, often more manageable cities and attending universities that are among the most prestigious in the world. Regardless of the city or university students choose, they are sure to find excitement and academic quality in their English study abroad experience.

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Last Updated: 11/10/15