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SAF Undergraduate Study

The Foundation’s exciting undergraduate programs offer visiting students the chance to learn alongside degree-seekers, earn transfer credit, and pursue enriching language and academic coursework to help them attain a competitive edge in the global workforce.

  • Academic – Students enroll in regularly offered undergraduate courses and are assessed on the same basis as degree-seeking students.

  • Language – Students enroll in full-time intensive second-language courses and often earn transfer credit from the home university.

  • Language + Academic – Students enroll in full-time intensive second-language courses prior to enrolling in regularly offered undergraduate courses. Students often need to meet host university language proficiency requirements before progressing to academic study.

  • Pre-Sessional Language + Academic – Students with a second-language proficiency level just shy of host university requirements enroll in a pre-sessional course. Typically held over the summer, the course is designed to prepare students for an upcoming semester of academic study.

  • Concurrent Enrollment – Students enroll in a combination of part-time intensive second-language courses alongside regularly offered undergraduate courses.

  • Academic Internship –Students enroll in a credit-bearing internship program that combines formal academic study with career-related work placement.

  • Undergraduate Research – Highly qualified undergraduates considering advanced degrees enroll in this program to work closely with faculty through supervised research at a prestigious Western research-focused university
Last Updated: 2/13/15