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Canada is best known for the dazzling beauty of its mountains, beaches, deserts, lakes, rivers, oceans, parks, forests, prairies, and farmlands. It is a huge country, the second largest n the world in total area after Russia, spanning six time zones from the Atlantic in the East to the Pacific in the West. While many aspects of Canada’s cosmopolitan cities remain true to their European heritage, modern Canada may very well have a greater mix of peoples with different ethnic backgrounds than anywhere else on Earth. The Canadian fusion of old world charm with robust immigrant populations is something to behold. Study abroad students will have the opportunity to see, feel, taste, and embrace the diversity that is Canada today.

Canadian universities have earned an international reputation for excellence in teaching and research with particular strengths in the areas of computer science, business, health sciences, marine studies, and natural resources. The universities boast first-rate facilities and also a wide variety of student support services. SAF students will benefit from top ranked instruction and a wealth of on- and off-campus cultural opportunities.

SAF Host Universities in Canada:

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Last Updated: 2/10/15