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The SAF Concept

SAF believes that giving students the opportunity to study abroad increases international understanding and provides students with the understanding and intercultural skills necessary to succeed in and contribute to their own societies as well as the world community.

The SAF concept is based on the value of universities working together in a multilateral network to increase opportunities for their students to study abroad.  Member universities work with SAF to share resources and to develop the specialized knowledge, skills and systems necessary for study abroad to be a strong part of their internationalization process. The purpose is to enable member university partners to effectively and professionally respond to increased and more specialized demand for study abroad opportunities by their students. Often this involves serving students for whom there are insufficient places in bilateral exchange and other programs. Universities are encouraged to see membership in the SAF network as complementing other arrangements they have to encourage and facilitate international student mobility. For some universities, the opportunities provided through SAF membership will be central to their internationalization and student mobility plans. For other universities, membership will supplement well-developed and long-standing programs. Working in this way is relatively new to universities in Asia and as such SAF and member universities are pioneering a new model to increase international student mobility.

SAF’s development is guided by an International Advisory Council (IAC) on which each member university is represented through country chapters. SAF places high value on member universities guiding its development.

SAF was established in 2000 as an Indiana, USA chartered non-profit organization with an independent Board of Directors, and as such uses all of its resources and income as well as grants and benefits it receives to develop the Foundation and strengthen the SAF International University Network. The Institute for Study Abroad – Butler University (IFSA-Butler) assisted in the establishment of SAF as part of its mission to strengthen international student mobility. IFSA-Butler is itself a non-profit organization which was founded in 1988 and is today a network of over 200 universities in 13 countries. Every year approximately 4,000 North American students participate in IFSA-Butler study abroad programs. 
Last Updated: 12/11/12