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The SAF Student Experience

Study abroad is an exciting and challenging pursuit which allows students to immerse themselves in the academic life and culture of another country. SAF provides access to prestigious, high-ranked universities programs in US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand. SAF programs provide students with the ability to become full and active members of their host university and host country. Programs include integrated study abroad opportunities, intensive language acquisition programs and academic internships. SAF ensures that whenever possible credit earned on our programs receive appropriate transfer credit from the participant's home university. SAF staff in home and host countries are dedicated to taking the worry and complexity out of study abroad so that students are able to take full advantage of their experience.

SAF facilitates successful student experiences by providing:

Quality and Access

SAF programs provide access to prestigious, high-ranked universities that welcome and serve visiting non-degree study abroad students.  Many SAF host universities provide a tuition benefit or reduction to students who choose to study abroad through SAF and at some host universities it only possible to be a visiting non-degree student through a sponsoring organization such as SAF. 

Programmatic Variety

SAF operates study abroad programs with over fifty universities in the US and Canada, UK and Ireland, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand, and Korea and Mainland China.  Students may choose to study abroad for an academic year or a single semester, if desired combined with a summer session at UCLA.  SAF offers integrated study abroad opportunities, intensive language acquisition programs and academic internships.  In recognition of the differences between the academic calendars of home and host universities, SAF also offers alternative start or entry dates giving participants a great deal of flexibility in the formation of their study abroad program.

Integrated Study Experiences

SAF programs allow students to fully enroll in their host university and to take classes alongside the university's regular degree students. SAF students are entitled to all benefits of their host university including on-campus housing and opportunities to join university clubs, organizations and societies and to participate in university sporting events.

Language Programs

There are many highly qualified students who would like to study abroad but who lack sufficient language proficiency.  To accommodate such students many SAF host universities offer intensive language acquisition programs.  In addition to full-time enrollment in an intensive language institute, SAF can also offer:

  • Concurrent Enrollment: students are enrolled in language courses and integrated university courses simultaneously
  • Bridge Programs: providing an automatic progression route from language institute to integrated study, and
  • Pre-sessional Courses: a topping-up course that allows students with nearly sufficient language proficiency scores to quickly improve their language skills before enrollment in integrated courses.

Academic Internship

Internship experience has become increasingly necessary in any competitive resume or CV. SAF has established academic internship, pre-professional work experience opportunities and career exploration short courses in London, Edinburgh, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C. to meet the growing student demand.  SAF Academic Internships are distinguished from other "work" opportunities because SAF internships are integrated with academic work. SAF internships are specifically designed to take theory introduced in the classroom and apply it to real life experiences under the direct supervision and mentoring of a professional supervisor.

Credit Transfer

SAF works closely with students and their home universities so that all parties are fully apprised on course availability and/or enrollment constraints. SAF ensures that whenever possible academic credit earned abroad receives appropriate transfer credit from a student's home university. At the completion of the SAF program, original, official host university transcripts are forwarded by SAF to the student or to the appropriate official at the student's home university.

Localized Services

SAF programs and services are designed to take the complexity and worry out of study abroad. Most importantly, SAF staff in Japan, Korea, Mainland China and Taiwan understand the cultural and academic background of students and communicate with them and their parents in their own language. This ensures that students fully understand the nature of the experience they plan as well as SAF policies and procedures and students' rights and obligations.

Knowledgeable Counselors

All SAF advising staff have studied abroad and they are the backbone of SAF pre-departure student services. Each counselor has comprehensive knowledge of all SAF host universities. They serve as the main resource for students, parents and home university officials. Students are not required to make any payments to SAF during the process of initial inquiry and counseling.

Local Support Staff

SAF maintains a local presence in each country where we operate programs. Our on-site staff are enthusiastic, knowledgeable professionals who help students adjust to the academic and cultural differences of their host countries and provide emergency assistance when needed.


Students are provided with housing when classes are in session. In most instances, SAF participants are guaranteed on-campus accommodation. In large cities such as London where student housing is limited, our students will either reside on-campus or in self-catering apartments secured and monitored by SAF.

Arrangements for Students with Disabilities

SAF will investigate university and housing options for students with physical or learning disabilities. Arrangements are not possible at every host university, but our staff will endeavor to find a good match for students with disabilities or special needs.

Last Updated: 2/8/15