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SAF Application Procedures

1.  Understanding SAF programs and Student Counseling

Students and their parents can learn about SAF and the SAF programs using the following methods:

  • Visit the SAF website, and learn about SAF programs.
  • Meet SAF on campus: SAF regularly visits the campuses of member universities for seminars and student counseling. To find out when SAF will be visiting your campus, click here. If you wish to have an individual counseling session while we visit your campus, please email us to make an appointment.
  • Call the SAF Office at +886 (0)4-2238-8600 to discuss your plans. 
  • Talk to us on Skype. Click on the logo to reach us

Please note that our office is opened Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5.30 pm.

Prior to applying to an SAF program, students must discuss their study abroad or internship plans with SAF. This is called counseling: an SAF staff will evaluate the student’s profile, choice of program and overall plans before the actual application process starts.

Once a suitable program has been chosen with the help and approval of SAF, the application process can start.

2.  Online application and document preparation

All students participating in an SAF program have to complete an online application form through our system. To learn about Using the SAF Online Application System, click here

In addition to filling the online application form, students must also prepare the required documents:

  • English transcripts (2)
  • Original TOEFL or IELTS score (if required)
  • Bank statement (2)
  • Copy of the student’s passport
  • 6 ID pictures
  • Statement of purpose (if required)
  • Recommendation letter
  • Application fee (USD 100 for programs 10 weeks of less or USD 200 for programs lasting 11 weeks or more).  

These documents must be sent to the SAF office before the application deadline.

3.  Admission

Admission notice will be received 8 to 12 weeks after submission of the complete application. Students will be notified via the Online Application System and will then be guided through the next steps.

4.  Contract and Program Deposit

After the admission notice has been received, students will be required to sign a contract and pay a USD 1800 program deposit (this amount will be deducted from the total cost of the program).

5.  Visa preparation

All students are required to apply for the appropriate visa when entering a foreign country on an SAF program. SAF will assist students with the visa application process. Students are responsible for submitting the required documents, paying the application fee and going to the embassy for interview if required.

6.  Payment of the program fee

Following a successful visa application, SAF will issue an invoice for the program fee (the USD 2000 program deposit will be deducted from the total cost of the program).

7.  Pre-departure preparation

In order to ensure a successful experience abroad, SAF will provide students with comprehensive pre-departure material and will invite students to take part in a pre-departure orientation. Students will be briefed on life and safety abroad, student life, cultural shock, …

8.  Prepare for your departure

SAF will assist students with arrival arrangements, such as local transportation, dormitory check-in, early arrival housing if needed, …

Students should plan on arriving in their host country one day prior to orientation.

  • Health Check and Immunizations:

We recommend students to have a health check (including dental check) prior to departure. Students will also be required to meet the immunization requirements of their host institution. SAF will purchase a 24/7 travel insurance for the participants and make sure the students are suitably insured for the length of their program.  

  • Home university Administration

Students must make sure that their home institution is fully aware of their study abroad plan and that they have taken care of all the required paperwork including leave of absence, study abroad authorization, credit transfer approval …

  • Purchasing of plane ticket

Once students have purchased their plane ticket, they should update their student account accordingly in order for SAF make arrival arrangements. 

9.  Departure

Please make sure to arrive at the airport early enough to have sufficient time for check-in, security check and immigration. Don’t forget your passport, visa and luggage: it’s time to go!

Last Updated: 3/14/16