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SAF provides semester, academic year and summer study abroad opportunities in cooperation with prestigious universities in the US and Canada, UK and Ireland, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand. Academic internships, graduate-level study abroad and customized programs are also available.
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The Study Abroad Foundation (SAF)

SAF is committed to student mobility on a global basis.  We work with students worldwide to provide high-quality study abroad opportunities.  We believe that giving students the opportunity to study abroad increases international understanding and provides the intercultural skills necessary to succeed in and contribute to your own society and the world community.  Learn more
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Summer 2016
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UCL - SAF Merit Scholarship

University College London and The Study Abroad Foundation are pleased to announce that application for the UCL-SAF Merit Scholarship for the academic year 2016-2017 is now open. Details can be found here


SAF and IES Abroad Announce Strategic Affiliation

SAF is pleased to announce its affiliation with IES Abroad, a U.S.-based leader in the study abroad visiting student field. This strategic decision serves both organizations’ students and member universities, and will considerably strengthen SAF’s development. Read on.


The Study Abroad Foundation Participates in Nanyang Technological University's GEM Week 2015
SAF was pleased to join NTU's Annual Study Abroad Fair, GEM Week for the first time this year. The objective for the GEM week is to create awareness for NTU students on the program and destination options available for Global Education and Mobility (GEM) overseas immersion programs.


Back at Home, SAF's First Kazakhstani Students Reflect on Their Summer Abroad 

Nazarbayev University students illustrate their summer abroad at UC Berkeley in this presentation for friends and home university staff. They are among the first students from Kazakhstan to study abroad through the Foundation


SAF Launches Research Study Abroad with Johns Hopkins University

The Study Abroad Foundation is pleased to introduce the Johns Hopkins University Summer Biology Research Program, where experienced biology majors embark on an 8-week journey of discovery under the tutelage of Dr. Joel Schildbach, professor of biology and vice dean for undergraduate education at the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences.  Learn more

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The University of Oregon joins the Study Abroad Foundation

SAF is pleased to announce that the University of Oregon has joined SAF. Students interested in studying at the University can find details here



University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus joins  SAF 

In March 2014, SAF signed a MoU with the University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus (UNMC). Both organizations agreed to cooperate on educational exchanges, and SAF looks forward to facilitating UNMC students taking part in our programs... more


SAF Connects with Universities in Malaysia

SAF held three seminars for Malaysian students in February 2014, which marked the first time that SAF staff has spoken to Malaysian students about study abroad and internship options via the Foundation...more


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